frequently asked questions

What can I expect from feeding Oomph! to my dog?

All ingredients serve different functions in the body; once ingested, they work in concert to improve your dog’s overall health. Oomph! offers immune system support, digestive function, healthy skin, and a shiny coat!

How will my dog take to Oomph?!

Oomph! is in powder form, which most dogs agree with. Simply mix it in with your dogs normal food serving. Texture-wise, they won’t know it’s there. Flavor-wise, well, you have to see for yourself (we hear it’s delicious)!

Is my dog the right age for Oomph!?

Oomph! is totally safe, as it’s made with only natural ingredients. We recommend beginning your dog’s Oomph! regimen once they begin eating whole foods rather than milk.

How often should I order Oomph!?

Just like with any new regimen, the body needs time to absorb and utilize what’s being put in. We lovingly challenge you to give your pet Oomph! daily and stay consistent for best results.