about us

We are a large family with a purpose! My parents, Dr. L.J. Hanson and his beautiful bride, Naomi, along with our children, have joined together to introduce what we believe to be the best dog food enrichment on the market today! Veterinarians everywhere are working hard to bring solutions to the health issues that are facing our pets. One of these issues is in the way pet foods are processed and the resulting destruction of key nutrients necessary for our pets to perform their best. It’s our goal to change the way you think about HOW to answer these challenges. One simple, daily step will complete any great dog food! You can add quality of life and well being to YOUR pet by addressing the “missing ingredients” that dog foods do not contain. Our beloved pets are begging for some Oomph!


Years ago I began thinking about my Dad’s legacy. He had formulated so many amazing healthy products for all sorts of animals. One product that was formulated and tested at universities, was a dog food called Sparkle. I talked to my Dad about bringing it back, because of its superior quality. He did one better. He developed a brand new concept that can be added to ANY dog food that ANY dog can benefit from. Dog Food Enrichment! Veterinarians agree that the quality of ingredients has dramatically decreased even in the most expensive “high quality” food available. This decline in quality has led to all kinds of problems, which begin in the digestive tracts of our furriest of friends. Each ingredient has been carefully chosen to benefit the digestive and nutritional needs of dogs everywhere.