Supplement Your Dog’s Diet

Dog food options are becoming more and more plentiful, as companies realize pet parents want their dogs to live healthier, longer lives. However, along the way, dog food prices have become inflated, sometimes with little to show for it. Most people feed their dogs the best kibble they can find on the market. For a 60 pound dog, a month supply, or 45 pounds of food, is affordably priced at $60-$75. The problem is that even the leading brands’ kibble is full of fillers, preservatives, and other low-grade ingredients. The cooking process strips the food of the nutrients necessary, and includes products linked to health complications such as diabetes and inflammation. 

On the other end of the spectrum are raw dog food companies. Some even offer premium monthly delivery services, if you’re willing to pay the stiff price of $400 per month for a labrador-sized dog. This amounts to an annual tuition! Although raw food diets are natural, the process of achieving the optimal balance of macro and micronutrients is frankly expensive and laborious. 

If a reasonably balanced human diet needs supplementing, how much more does a dog’s? This is why we recommend supplementing your dog’s diet with Oomph! It’s simple, healthy, and effective. No matter the grade of dog food you chose, you know your dog is being covered by the five essentials: prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.

68% percent of Americans take some form of supplement, whether its fish oil, vitamins, or calcium. In the same way that we love our bodies, we urge you to take seriously the quality and longevity of your dog’s life by investing in Oomph!