Dogs and Stress

The animal kingdom has spent generations developing an attuned sense of surroundings. Instincts are hard-wired in infant cubs and chicks, often with little verbiage—a call of the wild.  Although domesticated house pets don’t fully understand the ancient survival game, one of the instincts they’ve held fast to is the ability to be aware of the changes inside their environments. Veterinarians have noted that animals become accustomed to routines, and changes to these routines can cause unwanted stress. Common changes include moving, extreme weather, or meeting a new family member (both of the two legged and four legged kind). More severe stressors include confinement, abandonment, lack of food or water, and loud, overcrowded spaces.

If the stress is easy to overcome, you will see your pup quickly bounce back to his regular fido self. But if your dog undergoes prolonged periods of stress, you may start to see devastating changes in their health and their behavior. When stressful times occur, it becomes our duty as pet owners to pay extra care to our pets. One of the easiest ways to maintain a balance in our pets’ lives is by keeping their diet consistent and healthy, giving them the strong mental and physical foundation they need to adapt to any necessary changes. Another great way to help our furry friends combat stress? An excess of snuggles and tummy rubs and a little fresh air daily.